About Company

One of the leading seed companies in Europe. Strong investment in research
Seed research and modern technology implements a high quality seed
sunflower, corn, canola, sorghum and soybeans, which the company offers. Our company
part of the French agro-industrial group Euralis, based on
southwestern France in 1936.


Currently, the company has a turnover of more than 1.3 billion
euro. The company employs 5,200 staff.

Launched in 1950, the production of seeds
was one of the strategic directions of the group.
Every year, 350,000 farmers sow more
3000000. Genetics products hectares.

Our advantages are:
– extensive research base on
throughout Europe;
– seed production capacity for high
-; close relationships with customers, information
and agronomic support.

Seed farms are located
three production areas: – 7 thousand. ha on
southwestern France, where the climatic conditions
best suited for growing seeds
maize – 3 thousand. hectares in the south of Spain, where
the most favorable conditions for cultivation.